Selling on Ebay for Someone Else

I started my Ebay adventure without much money. I needed inventory, and begging for items was not fun. I partnered up with a few friends and acquaintances to sell their items. Here are the advantages and disadvantages to selling for someone else:


  • No upfront costs!
  • No hunting for an item to sell
  • Someone you’re accountable to which is motivating
  • Add to your inventory of items to sell


  • Having someone to answer to
  • Getting only a percentage of the profit
  • Conflicts or drama about money
  • Potential awkward business with friends

I have had success selling for other people and would recommend trying after you understand the selling process on a few of your own items. If it works, great! If not, find a different avenue.

The next post will delve into joining forces with someone to sell their stuff!

What to Sell on Ebay

I find items from all over. A friend of mine has an eye for antiques and value. He’s well read in ways I’ll never be, so he’s an asset to finding things that will sell.

You can find items from:

  • Yard sales (online or in person)
  • Storage
  • Thrift Stores
  • Asking friends and family
  • Downsizing

The key is to look at everything, and learn what’s worth selling. You can sell anything, or specify in certain items. I started by researching what sells on Ebay today, also what can I actually get my hands on and afford if I need to buy it.

Factors when considering an item to sell:

  • Profit Margin (cost you spend minus what you make)
  • Ease of shipping (is it heavy and thus expensive, is the shipping cost greater than value of item)
  • Do you know enough about the item/market to really sell it? Certain things I don’t touch for fear I’ll do it wrong/ lose money. These are specialty items that take research sometimes even an appraisal. Eek! I like easy.
  • A flooded market (too many of your particular item so it isn’t worth your time, the cost can be driven down)

It makes it a lot easier if you actually like what you want to sell.

Actual photo of my items for sale on Ebay, all in one place.

Let’s Do This- Ebay Selling

I have things. Stuff. Cluttering up every nook in my house. My family also has a ton of stuff. When I lost my job, I really had no excuses to not get real with my “stuff” because I needed money. And so I did.

I signed up for Ebay long ago, so it was easy to step right into selling. Through many trials of my Ebay learning experience, I’d like to consider myself successful. At least what I consider a success. Now I know things about selling. Now I can share it. And you can learn how to do it.

There are a lot of aspects to Ebay Selling. I’ll plan for a chronological order, but I’m sure I’ll be bouncing around. And this is only in my experience. Everyone can go about their selling as they see best.